New Condo Pictures (Finally!)

So, we finally got around to taking some pictures of the place. To be honest, we needed to unpack some boxes before we could even take the pictures – and that took a bit. We’re loving the new place! The sunlight!, the two decks, the large bedroom, ahhhhhh…. in fact, we liked it so much, we decided to add to our family. Meet Maggie, a 3.5 year old, old english bulldog. We got her from a nearby animal shelter and can’t wait to get her home in just over a week. More pictures of Maggie to follow.


P1030239 P1030238 P1030219 P1030215 P1030213 P1030212 P1030210 P1030209 P1030208 P1030206 P1030205 P1030204 P1030203 P1030202 P1030201 P1030200 P1030199 P1030198 P1030197 P1030196 P1030193 P1030192 P1030191 P1030190 P1030189 P1030188
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SOLD! (not old)

It’s official – signed purchase and sale, loan approved/committed, and sold sign on the condo (no, it doesn’t say old – though it is an old house)!!!


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A Good Way to Recover from the Flu: Buy a Condo

So things move fast in the Boston Real Estate Market. Especially with the first-time homebuyers tax credit about to run out. Aubrey and I found a great place on a quiet street and we pounced on it. The entire unit is well-lit and the bedrooms are spacious. There is a sunny office right off the living room and two decks, a covered garage, fenced-in backyard and a basement that will house Ryan’s studio. We think it looks really cute.

Screen shot 2010-03-08 at 8.40.01 PM.png

And this is what we look like after we get an e-mail with a signed acceptance of the offer:


More photos to come! We are happy, tired and somewhere between overwhelmed and just a normal amount of whelmed.

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New Sofa and Love Seat!

So, we’ve been debating whether or not to replace the futon. Lovely as the futon was, after 5 years of abuse and having to stand on it in order to answer our cell phones in the window, it was getting a bit uncomfortable.

We got a great deal and bought a new sofa and love seat – the first time either of us have purchased new seating!

Ryan tries out the new furniture

Ahhh - this seat is JUST right!

Check out our new living room!

Check out our new living room!

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Ryan and I spent Christmas Eve with the Torres clan and arrived in Seattle on Christmas day – holidays with both families! Here are a few highlights from the holidays (we were lame and forgot our cameras Christmas Eve – but picture Margie making a TON of really tasty food and people in food commas afterward). It was a quick trip to Seattle so, unfortunately, we weren’t able to catch up with everyone we had hoped to see. Hopefully we’ll catch you on our next trip!

Christmas 2009

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Honeymoon in Paris (Photos)

Paris - Lune de Miel

P1010190 P1010192 P1010196 P1010202 P1010200 DSC_0880 P1010210 P1010858 P1010209 P1010213

Paris Lune de Miel a Photoset on Flickr

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Toby’s Pictures


Hey Everyone,

We got the photos from our photographer, Toby Morris. Here is a link to his edited cut (just click on the picture above – the password is camera). There are a bunch of others though that were really great. We’re working on getting those up as well – so keep comin’ back :)


Aubrey & Ryan

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Some Photos

Wedding Snapshots

We don’t have photos from our photographer yet, but some of our family and friends have sent us their digital photos (if you have some – we would LOVE to see them!). We just got the wedding video back – what a beautiful day! Thank you all so much for all your love and support!

Click on the image above to go to the photo gallery.

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Introducing Mr. Ryan Torres and Dr. (Mrs.) Aubrey Scheopner Torres


Wow! Words cannot express our gratitude. To be in a room filled with and to hear from so many loving, sincere, and truly wonderful people was an incredible experience – and the fact that you were gathered for us is just amazing and humbling. Thank you!

We hope to get pictures up soon – so keep checking.

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Countdown to Boston

Hey Everyone,

We wanted to send out best wishes to everyone as they head on planes, trains, and automobiles to get here and a thank you to all those who will be with us in spirit. We can’t wait to welcome you!


Aubrey and Ryan


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